Athens Coffee Festival!

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Our love for coffee lead us this time to attend Athens Coffee Festival! 
We attended the coffee festival that took place in Technopolis, Gkazi. The event started on Friday 13th and lasted until Sunday 15th and we will share some of the best moments and happenings.

The festival gathered a lot of people from professionals to coffee lovers giving them the chance to get to know more about their favorite beverage.

It is worth mentioning that this was the first coffee festival taking placing in Greece. The European capital did not offer less compared to other coffee festivals held in Europe. A lot of coffee companies, shops, roasters and baristas attended revealing the amazing world of coffee to us and to all people that attended this exhibition.

The visitors had the opportunity to taste some of the best specialty coffees. All the events that took place were not only educational but offered the chance to the guests to learn more about the history of coffee, especially in Greece. A small coffee museum, with coffee items from the 19th century was one of the main attractions of the festival.Although, Greece is not known for producing coffee the bond Greeks have with coffee is really strong.
This latter can explain the great presence of non professionals in the festival.

A lot of seminars, presentations, workshops and masterclasses were held in this event. We distinguished among the events the Cortese Caffe Contest .The winner  was offered as a prize an espresso Nuova Simonelli Oscar II machine.  

A rare variety of coffees from all over globe was available for all visitors  to taste while enjoying the musical concerts that took place at the festival. 

Professionals and amateurs of coffee industry had the chance to meet and share not only their knowledge but also their passion for their favorite beverage, coffee! 
Greece, which is the 15th country in coffee consumption held the first coffee festival in its own special and beautiful way.

It was pleasant realizing that more and more young professionals share their expertise,love and passion for coffee in such a special event.We hope the next Athens Coffee Festival is bigger and even more successful!

We are happy to share our experience with you , an experience that is worth crossing the country's borders and reach all coffee lovers. Cheers to the next coffee festival! 

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